Walter Forbes

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Bull-Bat Time

Down home our name for the Common Night Hawk is Bull- Bat. In the sumer they fly from day’s end to full dark catching insects. “Come over about Bull-Bat Time” is an invitation to relax at the end of the day, visit, have a drink, listen to a little music. At my age I find myself metaphorically in Bull-Bat Time, but in no hurry, so come visit and listen to a little music. The drink is up to you.! ! To make this album was high on my bucket list. Since it takes me about twenty years between albums I think we can safely say this fifth album will be my last one. I’m very pleased that it is also my best! The first RCA albums (1962/63) were full of energy and hot licks. The album of songs from the Disney movie “Nashville Coyote” (1973) was good but the songs were all from the show. Tried and True said what I wanted it to at the time (1993) but it was mostly about songs I wrote. In Bull-Bat Time I use fourteen songs that I have sung and enjoyed for some years. I have known most of the musicians on the session for years as well, so it has a laid back comfortable feeling that I really like.