Walter Forbes

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In 1973 as I was winding down my official music career I met Jack Speirs, a writer and producer for Walt Disney, back stage at the Opry. Jack was a big fan of Cowboy’s and through that connection I landed a part as the lead human in the for television Disney production, “The Nashville Coyote”. The coyote got top billing and roast beef for lunch.Jack Speirs loved the script and story, it was for him a personal project that he had sold the studio on producing. “The Wonderful World of Walt Disney “ got very good ratings from the Coyote show so Jack Clement decided it would be a good idea to make a recording of the talking blues and songs for his new record label, JMI, to be promoted and distributed by Disney. Cowboy did the talking blues and I sang all of the songs from the show with a bunch of great Nashville studio musicians. Unfortunately the JMI label folded and Disney did not pick up the album so the album now exists only in my archives.